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The Cranky Flier Interview #22: Landline Co-Founder and CEO David Sunde

May 20, 2021

Pop quiz: What kind of airline has dreams of being a regional operator but has no interest in actually operating airplanes? The answer: Landline.


The co-founder and CEO of the "airline," David Sunde, has a background in airline networks, and his team is building a regional feeder that won't fly a single airplane. Anything else, however, is fair game. It's all about multi-modal, and so far Landline's fleet of vehicles ranging from private cars to buses feeds Sun Country's hub in Minneapolis/St Paul and United's hub in Denver.


Hasn't this been tried before? Sure, but as you've probably heard before, this is different. This time, it really does seem to be, and the exciting stuff hasn't even happened yet.


Come join me for this episode of The Cranky Flier Interview presented by Ontario International Airport, a half hour chat with David about everything from putting an airport at Disneyland to clearing security before you even get on the bus.


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