The Cranky Flier Interview #7: VivaColombia CEO William Shaw

April 5, 2017

At long last, there's a new podcast.  I had a good talk with William Shaw, CEO of VivaColombia.  The airline has been growing quickly and it's opening its Peru operation next month.  


The Cranky Flier Interview #6: United CEO Oscar Munoz - Part 2

December 19, 2016

In part 2 of my interview with United CEO Oscar Munoz, we dig into how he went about building his new management team.  We also touch on Basic Economy and the operation at the end.


The Cranky Flier Interview #5: United CEO Oscar Munoz - Part 1

December 11, 2016

I sat with United CEO Oscar Munoz last month in Los Angeles.  In part 1, we talk about how he got the job, and a variety of other things.


Cranky Flier Podcast #4: Grab a Seat with GLO CEO Trey Fayard

November 22, 2016

At the Boyd conference in September, I sat down with Trey Fayard, CEO of GLO, at the hotel bar. GLO is a regional air service provider based down in Louisiana.  It's flying turboprops as an independent regional.  This model hasn't worked very well elsewhere (with the possible exception of Silver in Florida), but Trey says things have grown nicely in the last year and profitability is coming shortly.  I have to say, it was a really interesting conversation that's well worth the listen.


Cranky Flier Podcast #3: Why the Concert Ticket Model Won’t Work for Most Airlines

November 8, 2016

When it comes to airline pricing, people often wonder why the concert ticket model won't work.  Why can't you just pick a seat on the seat map, buy it, and do what you want with it?  There are a bunch of reasons.  I break those down this week.


Cranky Flier Podcast #2: Trouble in the Transatlantic Market

November 1, 2016

Scott Mayerowitz (@GlobeTrotScott), outgoing airlines reporter for the Associated Press, and I sit down to talk about the Transatlantic market.  There are many problems for the airlines there including growing capacity, shrinking revenues, and new entrants all wreaking havoc.  Listen in as Scott breaks down the numbers, and I speculate about the future.  What does the A320neo/737MAX mean for this market?  Will Middle America see more Europe flying?  And are WOW's days numbered as I believe?  Listen in...